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Family Law

Civil litigation solicitors in Y A & CO has a dedicated team acting for both private and commercial clients, who have disputes relating to contracts, consumer matters and Landlord & Tenant issues. Our civil litigation claims are conducted on a no win no fee basis with the whole amount of the compensation passed on to our clients.
Business Debt & Enforcement
In these straightened economic times maintaining cash flow is crucial not just for business success but for survival. Outstanding debt does not just deprive you of the use of your money, but allows the debtor interest free use of it.
At YA & Co we can offer advice and act on any debt matter and ensure the correct steps are taken to ensure enforcement and prompt payment.
We can offer a fixed competitive fee agreed in advance (where the outstanding debt is less than £5,000) or for greater debts a very competitive hourly rate.

Landlord & Tenant
Leases can become contentious with disputes over repairs or enforcement of other lease terms. At YA & Co we can advise either Landlord or Tenant as to their rights and responsibilities under any lease; assist with negotiations to help resolve any dispute; or if required take the necessary litigation steps.
We also recieve instructions from estate agents to act for their landlords who have one property or multiple properties where rents are in arrears and/or require eviction notices for non-paying tenants.

  • Other Areas Covered
  • Licensing
  • Planning Appeals
  • Neighbour & Boundary Disputes including Party Wall Problems
  • Property Disputes
  • Contractual Disputes


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